Join me as each day over Holy week (Monday to Friday) as I reflect on some of the last words Jesus spoke before his crucifixion. Jesus’ last words give us an insight into who Jesus the God-Man is, how he struggled with pain, how he suffered and yet still cared, forgave and continued to love.

Each reflection begins with a passage from scripture and then a short reflection followed by a time of prayer. 

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Reflection 1. Forgiveness.

The reading is Luke 23. 26-35 NRSV

Reflection 2. Afterlife

The reading is Luke 23. 39 – 43 NRSV

Reflection 3. Family

The reading is John 19. 25 – 27 CEV

Reflection 4. Pain

The reading is John 19. 28 – 30 CEV

Reflection 4. Ends?

The reading is from John 19. 30 NRSV